I Want To Wear Red! Valentine's Day Outfits À La Meghan Markle And Queen Letizia

February 8, 2019

Traditionally, all merchandise and decorations for St. Valentine's Day are full of red colors. Heart garlands, heart-shaped cards and boxes of chocolates, red roses – all this helps to create an ultimately romantic atmosphere. And though many men acknowledge this holiday only because women are fond of it, they are ready to put in an effort to make their ladies happy and those, in their turn, get a great occasion to go to a beauty salon and buy a new dress. Do you want to wear red on this day? We've decided to show you a few theme outfits from Meghan Markle and Queen Letizia. They have an eye for this shade!

1. Strict and smart in case you prefer to always stay a businesswoman.

Getty Images / Ideal Image

2. Delicate and romantic look. And her wavy locks hairstyle is also noteworthy!

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3. For those of you who prefer more comfortable clothes. A leopard print coat makes your outfit look extra classy!

4. If you have a red coat, you only need to get a pair of matching shoes to make your look stand out from the crowd. In this case, the dress can be of any color.

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5. This is an idea for those who prefer a casual style. You can adorn it with a stylish top or a jacket.

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6. A multifaceted red dress which, depending on the chosen accessories, can be dressed up or down for either an evening or casual occasion.

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Red is one of the essential colors because it never goes out of fashion. Which is why purchasing clothes in this color is always the right choice. Feeling inspired? How do you like such red looks? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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