Kate Middleton And Meghan Markle Usually Hold Bags In Their Left Hand. There's A Reason For That!

January 24, 2019

Handling a purse correctly is a true art and requires skills. By your actions, it's easy to figure out if you're familiar with etiquette rules and how good your manners are.

Ladies from upper class are great role models. Take, for instance, members of the royal family. By observing their behavior, you can learn useful tricks.

For example, British princes' wives, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, almost always hold their purses and clutches in their life hand. Have you noticed?

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And there's a reason for that. According to the royal etiquette, your right hand should be free at all times during formal events so that you can greet the hosts, guests, and fans.

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Therefore, it means that you should move your bag from your right hand to the left one and the ladies just do it in advance instead of during the meeting. It shows that they mastered this skill and it has become second nature.

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Queen Elizabeth II follows the same rule and, in due course, even the "rebel" Princess Diana chose to abide by the rule.

Etiquette rules of handling a bag

You should adopt other important habits of managing a bag.

1. Hold it in front of you

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If you don't feel like communicating with anyone or shaking hands, keep your purse or a clutch in front of your with both hands. It is a clear signal of a closed, reserved manner.

In public transport or place, take your bag off your shoulder and hold it in front of you for safety reasons and for the comfort of people around you.

2. Put it neither on the table nor the floor

Regardless of how pretty your bag is, don't put it on the table. It's non-aesthetic and unhygienic. Place your clutch in your lap and if you have a bigger bag, put it either on the chair behind your back or use a designated hook.

Putting your bag on the floor is also not advisable for hygiene reasons. You don't want to bring germs and dirt home, do you?

3. Keep it clean

Make sure you wash your bag both inside and outside, throw away the trash (such as used transport tickets, tissues, and candy and gum wrappers).

We hope your bag is totally under control and you know how to handle it. Would you be comfortable holding a bag in your left hand at all times? Share your preferences, please.

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