Not By Harry Alone: Meghan Markle Hired A Professional Birth Partner, According To Media Reports

February 6, 2019

Every once in a while, mass media publish some news about the future mom, Meghan Markle, preparing for her first baby to be born. For instance, soon after it was announced that the Duchess is expecting a baby, it was reported that she hired professional personnel to track the course of her pregnancy. Rumor even had it that she picked celebrity nanny, Connie Simpson; however, the latter denied it. And, finally, yet another rumor, Meghan might have opted for a different hospital, instead of St Mary's Hospital, allegedly because of Kate Middleton.

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Recently, The Sun magazine reported that Markle was considering the possibility of childbirth with a partner; more specifically, that the Duchess might have employed a professional birthing partner.

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Rumor has it that it's 40-year-old mother-of-three, Lauren Mishcon, who had been offering her services in this field since 2008. her husband's grandfather, Oliver, was the head of a law firm that provided its services in the divorce settlement of Prince Charles and Lady Di. Its worth mentioning that this practice (inviting a birth partner) hasn't been used for centuries in the royal family – it will virtually be the first time.

What do we know about this woman? Lauren made a decision to work with future mothers in order to help them receive a positive experience during the delivery. She strives to create a serene environment with minimum distractions and allow them to feel safe. Mishcon has gone through proper training and has upgraded her qualifications several times.

The duties of such a specialist include help with preparation for childbirth; psychological, emotional and physical support; continual care; and the ability to calm the client down, helping the future mom to have a positive and non-traumatic experience.

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Since the royal family and its official representatives refrain from comments regarding the information of such nature, we don't know for sure whether Meghan really did turn to Lauren for help. But there is a likelihood that Prince Harry will be present in the delivery room following in the footsteps of his older brother, William.

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Taking into account that Meghan is already 37 and this is her first baby, it's no surprise that she could be worried and strive to do everything as right as possible. Perhaps, she won't need a partner if she does decide to choose St Mary's Hospital where her husband, brother-in-law, and his three children were born. Town&Country reported that the Duchess is considering this option: it is believed that Lindo Wing is unparalleled when it comes to ensuring confidentiality and safety.

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Some details about the Sussex baby's birth will remain family secrets forever. But is it possible that the crew of experienced doctors, trusted to deliver one of the heirs to the throne, would need another assistant of Lauren's profile? What do you reckon?

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