Winds Of Change: How A Year As A Royal Has Affected Meghan Markle's Clothes Colors And Why

December 3, 2018

On November 27, 2017, the list of eligible bachelors got shorter. Prince Harry broke thousands of women’s hearts when he announced his engagement, and at that very moment Meghan Markle started her way to becoming one of the most well-known women in the world. Over just one year, the couple’s life has drastically changed. The former actress quickly adapted to her new status, celebrated Christmas with the Queen herself, got married, and within 6 months after the celebration, the news broke that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were expecting their first baby. Fashionistas have noticed that Meghan’s style and manners have also significantly changed, which we have already written about earlier.


Vivid Hollywood style of the promising movie star was replaced by moderate and pastel colors. It became particularly noticeable after the wedding when the Duchess started to make public appearances wearing different shades of beige, which really suit her.



Along with this, Meghan’s devotion to different shades of green was quite discernible.



She chose green dresses both for business meetings and celebrations. For instance, she wore one such dresses to the christening of Prince Louis.

The summer of 2018 was marked by the trends Meghan was introducing. One of them was A-line dresses with massive pockets. Prior to her wearing it, this detail wasn't part of the wardrobes of royal family members. You can find out why Markle chose this style here.

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During her first overseas tour, the Duchess brought joy to her fans with her constant change of outfits. One day she was glowing in a gorgeous evening look and the other, she donned casual and non-royal-like revealing dresses. Stella Magazine experts noted that while Meghan was on tour, she mostly appeared in navy blue and beige colours, which she also gave preference to throughout the last year.


This choice was also analyzed by stylist Rochelle White. According to the expert, beige is an omni-purpose and four-season shade that Meghan has always felt comfortable wearing. It was likely not accidental that she picked it both for celebrating Christmas with the Queen and for her first solo appearance with the monarch.

Blue is the colour of peace and serenity. By picking it, Markle tried to draw attention to the results of her work rather than her attractive appearance.

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And besides, the fact that the Duchess has stood by dark colored clothes even before her pregnancy announcement has probably helped her to cover up her round belly, as well as hide in the shade of her dressed-up relatives – take Princess Eugenie’s wedding, for instance.

If you compare the style and colors Meghan used to prefer before and since meeting Prince Harry, you can really see the difference clearly, don’t you think?

And how do you feel about the Duchess’s choice of wardrobe colors? If you had open choice, which shades would you prefer most?

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