What Is It Like Flying Next To A World-Famous Celebrity? A Net User Was Surprised By Angela Merkel's Behavior

December 7, 2018 15:02

We are used to thinking that celebrities are some kind of celestial beings that have nothing to do with us mere mortals. Once in a while we get curious and want to see at least for a moment, let's say, how Elizabeth II lives. What does she do in her free time? How does she treat her staff? Is she a gentle person or, on the contrary, rough?


We have previously told you about the stars who to live a simple life. Many of them give a lion's share of their income for charity. Respect!


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However, you must agree that it's much more interesting to find out about the celebrities' lives from people who actually met them in person.

The other day, a Twitter user Agustín Agüero was on the same flight with Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany. They were sitting next to each other in business class. Since there was a technical malfunction found in the governmental plane that was supposed to take the chancellor to G20 Buenos Aires summit, she was forced to use a commercial flight.

Needless to say that Agustin took out his phone and started recording straight away. :-)

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Let's skip the moral and ethical part of the issue, recording strangers in public places without getting their permission to do so is inappropriate, of course. But now we know how Angela acts behind the scenes. We'll spill the beans: she behaves like any other ordinary person!

As the witness says, Angela Merkel didn't have any special requests to the staff. She had a yogurt for a snack, read a book, and had a short nap. About an hour before landing, the chancellor proceeded to the flight deck and took a picture with the crew. She looked pleased and relaxed as Agustin concluded.

It's nice to realize that even world-famous celebrities are also people like all of us. Have you ever got a chance to meet any of the stars and spend time with them? Tell us in the comments below!

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