Eastern Princess: Queen Rania's Older Daughter Looks Just Like Beauty Mama

November 13, 2018

When you look at the Queen of Jordan, Rania, it's hard to imagine that this gorgeous woman can possibly have four children, let alone a 22-year old daughter.

Since an Eastern Princess is a rather exotic notion for most countries, we decided to introduce to you this young beauty. Please, meet Iman bint Abdullah. Despite her age, Iman doesn't even use social media. She prefers a conservative lifestyle.

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In 2014, she graduated from International Academy Amman (IAA) with honors, as well as was awarded the best sportswoman title!

She's been doing equestrian sports since the age of 12 and her family's status gives her an opportunity to keep her own stallion for polishing her skills.

More evidence that Iman's family is modern and progressive is that currently the Princess is attending Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., and therefore she sees her family very rarely, such as during holidays or on special occasions.

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As there's not much left of her studies, there's a good chance that soon Iman will make more public appearances with her mother. And it will be for a good reason too – charity.

By the way, Iman has already had such experience. Previously, she helped her mother in her philanthropic projects, the main aim of which was to teach people notions such as love, peace, acceptance, patience, and generosity.

There's little that we know about Iman yet, but one thing is clear: a humble girl with a wonderful fashion taste will definitely find time to make a statement to this world. And if she does it by doing charity, instead of partying, it'll make her even that much more of a respected Eastern Princess. 

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