Fashion Or Madness? Ladies With Bust Size 34K And Larger

February 5, 2019

Many women with a small bust size dream of having voluptuous forms. Most are not ready to go under the knife of a beauty surgeon. And then there is a small percentage of women whose mammoplasty begs a question – isn’t such splendor too much to carry around?

Burden of beauty

We offer you a selection of images of celebrities who repeatedly decided in favor of plastic surgery to enlarge their breasts, as well as those with whom nature was more than generous.

1. Sheyla Hershey

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Even a life-threatening infection and the removal of implants couldn’t stop the Brazilian woman from yet another breast augmentation. After recovering from a blood infection, Sheyla went for surgery again.

2. Annie Hawkins-Turner

Annie Hawkins-Turner, also known as Norma Stitz, is the owner of the world’s largest natural bosom, which is proved by a Guinness Book of Records certificate.

3. Chelsea Charms

Chelsea is another record holder of the famous record book. Unsatisfied with her natural D cup breasts, Chelsea had her first mammoplasty at age 20.

4. Mayra Hills

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A 44lb silicone bust gives its owner world fame and back pain. Mayra struggles with many daily tasks, like putting on shoes because she can’t see her feet! But this doesn’t stop her from yet another plastic surgery. And the 32-year-old German no longer keeps track of how many of them she’s had.

5. Maria Zarring

The young lady with 34K bust was voted Russia's top natural beauty and does not plan on adding anything artificial to it.

6. Lolo Ferrari

Sadly, this striking blonde is no longer with us. When the 37-year-old was found dead, one of the versions of the causes of death was strangulation by her own breasts. For each breast to weigh 7 pounds, Lolo went through 22 surgeries.

And how do you feel about these cases of breast augmentation? Do such bosoms disfigure women or add charm to them, what do you think?

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