Hilarious Video: Not-So-Slim Christina Aguilera Pranks Donut Buyers

February 4, 2019

Christina Aguilera’s followers have always known that the 38-year-old singer is a big fan of all sorts of practical jokes.

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So when the star was invited to take part in the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show, she happily agreed.

Why not? After all, an innocent joke is always fun!

According to the scenario, Christina was hiding in the kitchen of one of the Hollywood cafes watching the customers at the counter on the monitor and singing her songs.

Jimmy Kimmel Live / YouTube

As soon as a customer came to the counter, she started changing the lyrics of her song so as to describe the donut lover’s appearance and behavior.

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Jimmy Kimmel Live / YouTube

The customers immediately recognized the improvised lyrics of the famous songs playing in the shop, and after she’d had her fun, Aguilera came out of the kitchen and handed a donut to the perplexed person.

Jimmy Kimmel Live / YouTube

Some of the customers were not taken aback by this innocent prank at all! On the contrary, they thoroughly enjoyed everything that was happening.

Some started to dance along to the music and sing along with the pop diva.

What would you do if you heard a star singing a song about you through the speakers at a shop or a restaurant? Tell us in the comments!

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