Insider Intel: The Queen Will Not Abdicate And Her Great-Grandchildren Have Something To Do With It

November 27, 2018

The life of the British royal family is under the constant scrutiny of politicians, journalists, and simply curious people. The public closely follows and discusses the tiniest details of their outings and weddings, pregnancies and childbirth, children's mischiefs, and public displays of affection. And, above all, there is the issue of the line to the British throne.


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In the past year or two, Queen Elizabeth II transferred a part of her responsibilities to her son, Prince Charles, who is the first in line to the throne. This gave rise to assumptions that the 92-year-old monarch was going to retire from public affairs. And when she didn’t attend a few significant events, these rumors flared up even more as many started to anticipate the change of the reigning monarch.

But don’t hold your breath!


A few days ago, royal documentary filmmaker Nick Bullen told Yahoo News UK show, The Royal Box, that rumors about Queen Elizabeth II’s abdication in the nearest future are not true, and even the word ‘abdication’ is considered dirty in the royal household.


Nick Bullen also reminded that the monarch's mother lived to the age of 101, and Elizabeth II herself is an “ultimate working woman” and could work at least for ten more years. So, this makes Prince Charles 80 when he finally ascends the throne.


In addition to excellent genes, the reigning Queen gets her strength and vitality from her grandchildren and great-grandchildren who are much admired by her subjects.


The Brits are particularly fond of Princess Charlotte, who has already shown her royal character – take her crowd greeting, for example!

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She perfectly imitates her crowned great-grandmother and isn’t afraid of publicity.

Maybe now through her grandchildren she can see a way of just staying on the crest of that wave.

– the royal documentary filmmaker assumed.


But, after all, she has been reigning since 1952!

Do you like Princess Charlotte? Do you see the resemblance to Queen Elizabeth II? Let us know.

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