Jokestress Of Cambridge: Kate Middleton Once Gave Prince Harry A 'Grow Your Own Girlfriend' Kit For Christmas

December 3, 2018

Christmas and New Year are right around the corner: Many people have already plunged into to the magical atmosphere of a winter fairy tale and started choosing gifts for friends and relatives.

Representatives of royal families are no exception. We decided to recall what is customary for the Windsors to give each other for Christmas.

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It is believed that for special occasions they sometimes go for jewelry. Thus, Kate Middleton's collection has become significantly larger in marriage with Prince William. You can find out more about the expensive gifts William gave to his wife here. You may remember that some articles of luxury in her collection used to be owned by Princess Diana.


Christmas is a special time the royal family spends at Sandringham. According to Mirror, each holiday goes roughly by the same scenario. Queen Elizabeth begins to prepare for it in early spring. From March, she plans what she’ll give each of her employees and relatives; in the summer, while on vacation in Balmoral, she writes dozens of Christmas cards.

In the Windsor family, it is not customary to give expensive gifts for Christmas. All gifts are usually symbolic, and many royals don’t miss the opportunity to play jokes on each other.



If you think that Harry is the biggest prankster in the royal family, then prepare for a surprise. The Windsors traditionally gather in the Red Drawing Room at Sandringham at 6 p.m. sharp on Christmas Eve. No one touches their gifts until Prince Philip allows it. By the way, it was he who introduced the ‘cheap and cheerful’ rule, and the cheaper the better.


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This is how the Queen got a hat with a somewhat indecent inscription from Prince Harry, Princess Anne once presented her older brother a toilet seat, and Kate Middleton gave Prince Harry a ‘Grow your own girlfriend’ kit. Of course, that was before he met Meghan Markle.

Kate and Harry perfectly get along. Her gift was a cutesy toy that is supposed to enable every man to have a ‘perfect’ girlfriend – minus the nagging or headaches! Just place it in an appropriately sized container and add water.




We can only guess whether the gift was just an innocent joke or it had a symbolic deeper meaning. But Harry, who is quite a joker himself, must have loved it.

Do you think New Year and Christmas gifts should be serious and expensive, or silly and thrifty? What would you do if one of your loved ones presented such a gift to you?

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