Russian Model Marries The King Of Malaysia, Who Is 24 Years Her Senior

December 6, 2018

For us, Malaysia is a country known solely from tourist digests. Nevertheless, for 25-years old Russian girl Oksana Voevodina (Gorbatenko), this country became a second home. On November 24, 2018, she married Malaysia’s King, Muhammad V. You may also remember a wonderful love story of King and Queen of the Netherlands.

This elegant beauty from Rostov region became famous in 2015; at 22-years old she won the prestigious title of Miss Moscow 2015.

According to the report of TV-channel Russia-24, the Malaysian legal wedding ceremony took place in summer, but on November 22, the girl’s relatives organized a celebration in Moscow. This event was a surprise for many because it included both Russian and Malaysian traditions.

Muhammad V is 24 years older than Oksana. Malaysian monarchy is a little bit different from its European counterparts. In Malaysia, kings are elected for 5 years. In 2011, Muhammad was a deputy of the former king and in 2016 he ascended the throne. For this ruler, it wasn’t the first marriage. Earlier in 2004, he married a representative of the Pattani royal family, but in 2008, the couple divorced.

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There isn’t much information about his second wife. The girl was born in 1994 in a family of orthopedic surgeon Andrey Gorbatenko and pianist Ludmila Voevodina. Oksana graduated from Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. Unfortunately, there is no information on the couple’s love story. Photos of their wedding are the only source of what was happening during the ceremony.   

The groom was wearing a traditional Malaysian costume, and the bride was shining in a luxurious white wedding dress.

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There have been no comments from her family and it’s difficult to imagine all the changes in her life. According to some photos, Oksana has converted to Islam. Her parents’ reaction to this also remains unknown.

By the way, it isn’t the first case of a Russian girl becoming a part of a monarchical family. In 2017, Prince Ernst August of Hanover, against his father’s will, married Russian designer Ekaterina Malysheva. They were dating for about one year before the marriage. In February 2018, they became parents of a beautiful daughter and in April 2019 are expecting a son.

Many girls dream of marrying a prince or a king. Some of them are lucky and don’t have to discover a totally new culture, as Oksana does. We hope that her family life with Muhammad will be happy and friendly. And what do you think about it?

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