Meghan Markle’s Foot Scar Sparked Debate Over Her Possible Beauty Surgeries

November 5, 2018

Meghan Markle must by now be used to her every outing being scrutinized by the press and public. The duchess’ fans study the distinctiveness of her style, and recreate her makeup and hairstyles. At times, it comes to our attention that she has again violated the royal protocol.


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Especially attentive web users have noticed some details that were previously hidden from prying eyes, such as a scar on the inside of her foot near the big toe, which may indicate she’s had a surgery.


Only recently, as part of her first overseas tour, and probably due to pregnancy, has Meghan started allowing herself to wear flats. You may recall that before she used to wear high-heels even to sports events.

Practicing orthopedic surgeon Kumar Kunasingam suggested that Markle’s scar on the inside of the foot could indicate that she has had bunion removal surgery.


This operation is quite painful, but it yields great results and is quite necessary when the bunion is accompanied by inflammation and affects the mobility of the joint. It also entails a rather lengthy recovery period: women can’t wear heels for several months.

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Aside from medical reasons, the duchess could theoretically decide on such an operation for aesthetic reasons; the deformed foot doesn’t look as attractive as an anatomically correct one. Could it be elegant heeled shoes that spoiled Meghan's feet? Podiatrist Robert Duff voiced an opinion that constant wearing of high heels contributes to the inflammatory process, although Dr. Kunasingam considers that other factors, such as heredity, have a more decisive impact on this condition.


Rumors that the duchess could have had foot surgery gave us reason to call to mind earlier instances when Meghan’s looks were in question. After the announcement of her engagement to Prince Harry, some women began to resort to plastic surgery to make their facial features similar to the prince's bride-to-be. Her nose became especially trendy.


As Markle was becoming more famous, internet users dug up all the information they could get about the American actress, including old photos.

Some people noticed that Meghan's nose became prettier than in childhood and adolescence, but after all, every person’s features change over the years. What do you think, is the duchess’ current appearance very different from the past, and is it possible that she’s had a nose job?

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