Lightning Reaction: Natalie Portman 'Saved' Her Colleague’s Dress At Venice Film Festival

September 11, 2018 10:12

The recent 75th anniversary of the Venice International Film Festival traditionally was very important for actors and filmmakers presenting their latest movies, and played a significant role in the world of fashion. This time, Natalie Portman got in the spotlight, and not only thanks to her amazing outfit.


The actress appeared at the festival in all her glory. Natalie was literally dazzling in a gold dress by Gucci at the premiere of “Vox Lux.” The glittering outfit in the 80s style was distinguished by a deep and at the same time elegant neckline, as well as wide shoulders - the perfect choice for a sophisticated and elegant lady, such as Portman. Even though all the festival’s guests were splendidly dressed, it was Natalie who could be given the unofficial title of the glamour queen.



“Vox Lux” is a musical drama, in which Portman, co-starred by Jude Law and Willem Dafoe, played a singer. Considering the tremendous success of “Black Swan,” everyone’s looking forward to 2019 to see Natalie in a new role.

However, it wasn’t only the dress and the movie that sank in the memories of the event’s participants. When Natalie walked the red carpet in the company of the movie cast, one of her colleagues Raffey Cassidy, a young and promising actress, almost had an accident, which could have easily become the greatest embarrassment of her life. The 16-year-old actress got tangled in wide folds of her pale blue dress by Oscar de la Renta. It’s hard to imagine what was happening in her head because an event of such scale is vital for aspiring actors.


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Fortunately, Natalie, unlike the victim of the outfit, was not taken aback. Disregarding her own sumptuous outfit, Natalie instantly crouched down and helped her colleague to deal with the situation. On the one hand, this is a normal act any person would do, on the other - a work of art by Gucci could put Natalie in quite an embarrassing position herself.


In any industry, colleagues are competitors in some way. So not everybody from your environment is worth relying on. However, even in the most arrogant and ruthless world of fashion, there is still a place for compassion and decency. What’s your opinion, does a person have to consider options before giving somebody a hand?

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