Old Photos And A Gold Tree: The Kardashian-Jenner Family Is Gearing Up For Christmas

December 11, 2018 14:27

Christmas is a warm family holiday with a very special atmosphere. For many people, it is their favorite holiday, and they are impatient to brush away the dust from boxes with toys, go gift shopping, and decorate the house. Of course, celebrities are people too and are no strangers to Christmas fever. For example, the Kardashians decided to start getting ready early and shared their progress on the web.

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By the way, only Kylie Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian are preparing for the holiday. Other members of the family are busy with their usual things. For example, the sisters' energetic mother, Kris Jenner, recently starred in Ariana Grande’s music video Thank U, Next. But we are sure that the rest will soon join the Christmas race, as the family adores the end-of-year festivities and has been delighting fans with interesting photos for years.

39-year-old Kourtney shared a cute photo of her deer pajamas with a caption ‘Merry morning’, which collected more than 800,000 likes in a span of a week.

But her sister Kylie seems to have a very festive mood. The girl is famous for her love of expensive and elegant decor. For example, last year her house was decorated with a 20-foot Christmas tree, decorated with artificial snow and massive pink baubles.

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This year, Kylie chose a gold palette. Jeff Leatham, the florist for both Kardashians and the royals, together with his team, helped the celebrity come up with the design. The décor was completed with hanging multicolor baubles and miniature elves dressed in pink. Jenner is confident that the color of wealth and luxury will be the theme of this year. And since Kylie is a pretty influential trendsetter, get ready to see more celebrities showing off their gold Christmas trees.

Do you like this festive decor? Would you like to decorate your Christmas tree this way?

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