Insincere Family Sentiments: Princess Diana’s Sister Was Jealous When Prince Charles Didn’t Choose Her

February 7, 2019

The wedding of Diana Spencer and Prince Charles was an ambitious event. However, years after the marriage, Diana called this day the worst in her life. The bride and groom were too different due to the age gap and the conservative nature of the heir to the throne who was unhappy in childhood. While Diana was inexperienced in relationships with men, causing her to make mistakes, Charles had several women in his life. Romantic feelings once connected him with his wife's sister, Sarah McCorquodale (Spencer).

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Getty Images / Ideal Image

The two were dating in 1977. Many believed that exactly Sarah played the role of Cupid, introducing her boyfriend to her sister. The engagement of Charles and Diana was announced a few years after he ended the relationship with the elder Spencer sister.

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Their relationship began when it was time for the young Prince to start thinking about creating a family. He was 28, while she was 22. The Spencer family was quite close to the royal; in particular, Diana and Sarah’s grandmother had a good relationship with Elizabeth I. It is said that she convinced her royal friend to pay attention to her granddaughters.

Nobody knows what exactly made the Prince abandon the relationship with the beautiful girl. They said it was Sarah’s obsession with popularity. Rumors say she even allowed herself a meeting with reporters and spoke very sharply about her boyfriend, deliberately emphasizing that she didn’t plan to marry him. Well, she achieved exactly the opposite: instead of fame and recognition as a girl who rejected the heir to the throne himself, she ended her promising relationship with her statements.

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During a hot July afternoon in 1981, the whole world watched Diana and Charles’ marriage ceremony. Sarah was also present at the celebration. As it turned out, she was jealous of her sister! According to the documentary project The Diana Story, released in 2017, she once uttered quite a dubious phrase to the bride.

I thought all this would be mine one day.

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According to the same source, the rivalry between the Spencers was quite strong. It was expected that her brother would be the most successful in the future. Few people believed that shy Diana, and not her brighter siblings, could have had such a profitable marriage.

Well, it was difficult to imagine that a 28-year-old man would become interested in a girl that was 12 years his junior. However, Diana’s biographer, Andrew Morton, in his book Diana: Her True Story mentioned that the future Princess began to dream of marrying Charles almost from their very first meeting.

If only Sarah had known what family life her sister would have in perspective, she wouldn’t have envied her. If she had been in Diana’s place, would the struggle against Camilla have become her reality, or would things have gone in a different direction? Share your opinions in the comments!

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