Long Live The Queen! The Most Famous Assassination Attempts On The British Royal Family

November 15, 2018

The British royal family has always been a focus of attention from the fans and media. Their lives are inextricably linked with politics and public; their statements and judgments are usually subjected to detailed analysis and criticism. At the same time, royal blood doesn’t guarantee complete security. On the contrary, it attracts people with bad intentions, making the life of royal family members at times quite dangerous.


Assassination attempts

Today, we want to recollect the assassination attempts that were made against the Windsors family. Surprisingly, the most incidents occurred during the royal visits to Australia and New Zealand.

1970 Australia


The criminals intended to carry out a cunning plan with the help of an ordinary log that they left on the rails used by the train carrying Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, Duke of Edinburgh, from Sydney to Orange. The train was meant to crash into the obstacle at high speed and go off the rails. However, the driver turned out to be smart enough to drive carefully and was able to notice the log in time. The catastrophe was avoided. The incident became known as the Lithgow Plot due to the name of a nearby city.

1981 New Zealand

The city of Dunedin hosted the official part of a visit by Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. During the parade, the 17-year-old teenager Christopher Lewis shot at the Queen, hiding in an opposite building. Fortunately, the attempt failed and the boy was arrested. However, the monarchs weren’t told the truth about the incident. The details became evident only 36 years later!

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1981 London

Another 17-year-old teenager attempted to shoot the Queen during Trooping the Color celebration in London. Elizabeth II led the parade when the boy shot.

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The loud noise frightened the monarch’s horse. The bullets didn’t reach the Queen. However, the terrified animal could have seriously injured the royal rider. Fortunately, the Queen managed to calm the horse, and they finished the solemn journey. The criminal turned out to be Marcus Sarjeant, who simply wanted to gain instant fame at his young age.

1994 Australia

Prince Charles just ascended to the podium to give a speech, when the public heard two shots. Fortunately, it was blank ammunition. The criminal wanted to draw attention to the problem of refugees. However, all he managed to draw is security officials and a subsequent arrest. The Prince wasn’t injured.

2017 London

The young generation of the Windsors also attracted criminals’ attention.


When Prince George was about to start his school, media spread information about the suspicious increase of his photos shared via Telegram Messenger. National security also spotted correspondence in Arabic with several mentions of royal family names. Fortunately, no visible action happened, and Prince George started attending the school without any fears.

Did you know about any of these assassination attempts on royals? Do you know any other instances? Share your memories in the comments.

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