Princess Charlene Of Monaco Shared Touching Christmas Portraits Of The Grown-Up Twins

January 10, 2019

We are long accustomed to believe that marrying an heir to the throne is pure miraculous happiness for an ordinary girl. However, some of these cases are sometimes contradictory. The Princess of Monaco, the former professional athlete, Charlene, likely knows this all too well.


This beautiful woman with a melancholic image is sometimes called a “sad princess” with a difficult fate. Prince Albert II is a well-known ladies' man, even though he is married to Charlene and looks like an exemplary husband. However, the family was rumored to have numerous quarrels due to his flirtatious nature even before the marriage, in particular, because of his illegitimate children.

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Rumors say that before the wedding, Charlene tried to escape the future spouse several times, but she eventually went ahead with the ceremony. Moreover, the couple allegedly agreed on the following: Albert and Charlene could formalize a divorce as soon as she gives him legal heirs. This fear was in the air up until 2014, when the couple welcomed the twins. However, Albert and Charlene are still together, putting an end to several speculations.




The couple often appears in public and gives the impression of a completely harmonious family, although the age difference between them is 20 years.

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Jacques and Gabriella are the charming blonde twins, who have recently celebrated their 4th birthday. Although they are the heirs of the royal family, their popularity isn’t as great as what British Princess Charlotte has.

Albert and Charlene don’t often take their children to official events, nor do they share their achievements with the public. Jacques and Gabriella’s photos are relatively rare, although their mother publishes some of them on her Instagram account.

Christmas portraits are a tradition for many families. We can follow how the kids have changed over the past few years.

Even though Jacques and Gabriella are the heirs of a noble dynasty, they seem to lead quite a normal lifestyle. They attend school, make wishes to Santa, and actively get acquainted with the outside world.

The royal family of Monaco isn’t as popular as the British, but their kids aren’t any less adorable. What do you think about the cute Monaco heirs? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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