Seen Only Once Before! Distinct Feature Of Meghan’s Image She Hasn’t Repeated Since The Engagement Day

February 4, 2019

Even pregnant Meghan Markle doesn’t forget about her duties, which are an integral part of the Duchess’ everyday routine. The Queen has recently made Meghan the patron of the Royal National Theater, so now, the Duchess repeatedly appears there, dressed in elegant outfits to fit the atmosphere of the official events.

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During a recent visit to the theater, Meghan chose a tender peach look. A fitted dress with a free hem and a jacket of the same shade with a brilliant sheen. Overall, the Duchess came up with a monochrome light image.

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The clutch and the original beige pumps with straps complemented her look flawlessly. By the way, her footwear deserved special attention! The last time you would have seen the Duchess in similar (if not the same) pumps was on the day of the engagement announcement. The happy couple posed for journalists after the important message hit the public.

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If you look closer, it is clear that the shoes aren’t really new ones, showing the Duchess’ ability to spare even though she usually prefers expensive wardrobe.

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The second detail that is worth noting is the Duchess' style that she doesn’t give up even during pregnancy – in particular, her high-heeled shoes. Since she was without Prince Harry this time, she could have chosen more comfortable footwear since the height difference wasn’t noticeable. However, Meghan decided to stick to the chosen style.

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One thing is clear – the Duchess of Sussex loves stylish and original high-heeled shoes. Since she doesn’t betray her image even during pregnancy, she feels great, which is perfect news! What do you think about such an interesting choice, particularly in the height of pregnancy? Share your opinions in the comments.

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