They Have Never Hugged Like That! The Most Passionate Public Moment Of Kate And William Captured In Photo

December 17, 2018

Kate and William’s fans know that the Dukes of Cambridge rarely display their feelings in public. Their union resembles the perfect royal couple: beautiful spouses, three little children, and a bright future as the British King and Queen.


At the same time, Kate and William have dozens of duties to justify their noble standing. As a result, they have to behave in an appropriately reserved manner. Sometimes, however, skilled paparazzi manage to photograph their tenderness; for example, during Princess Eugenie’s wedding. Such frames are extremely valuable since we always lack in royal photos that demonstrate their humane nature!

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Most times, Kate and William just smile at each other politely, quietly talking during events. This became particularly noticeable when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their relationship, got engaged, got married, and became an official couple.


The Dukes of Sussex have always been demonstrating their strong attachment to each other, not being afraid of showing it in public. The couple isn’t shy to kiss and hug, and is always ready to demonstrate their affection. Well, and what about Kate and William? Have they always been so discreet?

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It seems that they were born to be the Dukes. However, there were times when they didn’t follow the protocol and other rules strictly. Hard to believe? Check this out! Here, we want to show you the most passionate public moment between Kate and William. Paparazzi managed to capture it in 2012.


Kate and William really enjoy each other’s company. They have a lot of fun together. That is why they look so happy here, enjoying the match, and embracing. Since that time, a lot has changed: the couple already has three children and bears many new responsibilities. Even though they don’t show their feelings in public in a passionate way, they still don’t forget to hug each other even in the most reserved way. The main thing is the feeling of care that reigns in their family!

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