Why Kate Middleton Often Appears In Public With Skin-Color Band-Aids On Her Hands

November 23, 2018

The entire world closely watches the British royal family life. When Prince William met Kate Middleton, everyone was interested in everything to do with her as person. Fans wanted to find out what clothes she wore, who her relatives were, what she loved to eat. Sometimes, it seems that we know less about our friends than about her. However, only her relatives know about a few of her deepest secrets.

Kate Middleton often appears in public with Band-Aids on her hands. People can’t stop arguing about the real origin of these patches. Why does she use them so often? Today, we have prepared the most popular instances.

Why Kate Middleton appears in public with bandages on her hands

1. Spends time with children

Perhaps the cuts on the Duchess’ fingers may appear during her time-spending with the children. Recently, Kate admitted that she loves to play in the garden with Princess Charlotte and Prince George. At the same time, they adore catching spiders. During active games with children, there is a chance to nick oneself. However, the patches on her hands were noticed even before the birth of the babies.


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2. Spends time with animals

Kate Middleton also enjoys playing with animals. Therefore, many assume that she gets injured while playing rough with the royal dogs.


3. Domestic cuts

Perhaps Kate isn’t used to spending much time in the kitchen? Prince William has recently fondly mocked her cooking skills in public. Kate tried to cut bread at a charity event, but she managed to make quite thick slices. William couldn’t help commenting on this confusing episode:

Don't be put off by the size of Catherine's bread. They’re enough to wedge the door.

This possibility is also quite doubtful since Kate is unlikely to cook. She has assistants for that.

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4. Paper cuts

At the celebration of Christmas in 2016, Kate was again seen with a patch. People suppose she must have been signing cards and cut herself on the paper.


There are a lot of photos where Kate has a plaster on her hand. What are your assumptions for using them so often? Share your opinions in the comments.

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