Angelina Jolie Was Photographed Without Makeup: The Hollywood Actress Looks Upset And Tired

October 24, 2018 18:27

We've always admired Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie for her appearance on the screen, at social events, and during various charitable missions.

However, apparently, something unfortunate is happening with Angelina that is especially noticeable in her appearance. The recent bad streak seems to affect the strong woman. Jolie has lately lost her mother, and the divorce proceedings with Brad Pitt take much energy. There is a suspicion that the actress suffers not only from nervous exhaustion but also anorexia, which developed as a result of a lack of appetite and sleep.

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These days, Jolie traveled to Peru with an official visit as a UN Goodwill Ambassador to assess the humanitarian needs of Venezuelan refugees and the problems Peru is facing as a host country. During the meetings with the government representatives and humanitarian organizations, the actress discussed possible measures to help overcome the crisis in the region.

The pictures from the meetings show the tired face of the Hollywood cutie. Even her immaculate body seems to emit sadness. This could be explained by the grim topic of the visit, but we know how Angelina looked during other similar trips to Latin America and Africa: she used to inspire people with her optimism, hope, and faith.

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That’s what millions of people all over the world love her for!

What is more, just on the eve of her trip, paparazzi caught Jolie while visiting a sushi bar with children in the same sad mood. Angelina was wearing quite casual clothes – a sweater and jeans, with a neat bun and no makeup, underlining the deep circles under her eyes.

Angelina seems to be going through a rough patch now, so considering her inner sadness it is not fair to expect the actress to radiate joy. We really hope that the actress will get better quite soon and a cheerful smile will return to her face.

We wish her a prompt end of all the affairs with the former spouse and the beginning of a new romantic story. Angelina Jolie should be happy!

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