Hard Times For High Heels? Pregnant Meghan Markle Was Spotted Changing Her Footwear In Australia

October 17, 2018

Hurray! The Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced they are expecting their firstborn! Kensington Palace pleased the public with the wonderful news immediately after Princess Eugenie’s wedding. Meanwhile, Meghan and Harry set off on their own tour with the first stop in Sydney, Australia.


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We are used to seeing Meghan’s never-ending experiments with her image. She bares her shoulders, puts on leather skirts and denim dresses, chooses stylish and unusual shoes for her looks, but always prefers high heels. Even though the Duchess is still in her first months of pregnancy, she decided to put high shoes on hiatus.


First, the Duchess began to appear at various events in low-heel boots. That’s what Kate Middleton did when she was pregnant. Secondly, in Sydney, Meghan was spotted changing her footwear during the event.


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The Duchess wore the same dress, but she was temporarily displaying her elegant legs in black flat shoes. Later, she changed them to beige pumps. Even though fans consider pregnancy the reason for the footwear change, there could have been another explanation for her shoe replacement.


Any woman would be tired to walk on heels all day. Therefore, while there was an opportunity, it was easy to overcome the distance in ordinary flat shoes. Regardless of the footwear, Meghan looked great!


Do you think she has started to wear less high heels because of pregnancy? Share your opinions in the comments.

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