One-Of-A-Kind And One Of The Thousands: Madonna Reveals Truth About Being Sexually Abused In Her Youth

November 16, 2018

Sexual abuse is a reality many women live with. It has recently been considered shameful to speak openly about this, but every year, an increasing number of victims look forward to raising awareness of the problem, trying to help those who find themselves in such situation. For example, Elva Tordis, who was abused by her boyfriend at the age of 16, travels with him around the world and gives lectures with educational purposes.


No one is protected from the assault, even those women who have already been or have become world famous over the years. And Madonna was also among the abused women.

A few years ago, one of the most emancipated world pop stars shared a shocking confession about her tragedy. In an open interview with Howard Stern, the singer said that this happened when she first moved to New York. Madonna met the abuser in dance classes: A young man quickly conquered the naive girl. Soon, he lured her into his apartment, where everything happened.

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The future star didn’t turn to the police, because she considered it even more shameful than what had happened. She isn’t the one who had been silent: More than half of such cases are never revealed.

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Unfortunately, even today many women prefer to keep quiet about their pitiful experiences since they don’t know what to do. First, you should stop blaming yourself and try to get to the safe place. Next, you need to seek medical help to take emergency contraception and check for possible STDs.

There is nothing scary or humiliating in your plea for help. Seek support from someone you can trust to cope with injury. Remember, you won’t be able to get rid of annoying memories right away; the less you think about them, the more chances you have to forget them. /

Another important issue concerns your behavior towards a rape victim. Here is what you should remember.

  1. She doesn’t deceive you. Believe everything you hear, regardless of how unusual or unlikely the story would have seemed.
  2. Listen carefully, try not to ask questions or comment on the story; avoid emotions.
  3. Encourage and convince the victim that wasn’t her fault.
  4. Don’t impose your point of view and possible solutions since the injured person must come up with it independently.

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Finally, it is worth debunking a few other myths.

  1. Revealing clothes or behavior isn’t a cause for committing violence.
  2. The inability to resist or call for help isn’t an implicit consent to everything happening.
  3. Dating rape or being committed by a regular partner is a crime, not a misunderstanding.
  4. A potential rapist can’t be recognized in a crowd: most of them are charming and friendly people.

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Madonna isn’t the only one among the celebrities who were sexually abused. Unfortunately, more and more of them are found among ordinary people. Hundreds of such crimes are committed daily, including behind closed doors of neighboring apartments.

Share this information with the close people to raise general awareness. Take care of the others.

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