One Of The Guys: Princess Diana Once Visited A Gay Bar Dressed As A Man With Freddie Mercury

November 16, 2018 17:47

On November 2, the world has finally witnessed the long-awaited premiere of the film Bohemian Rhapsody about the career of the legendary singer Freddie Mercury. Unfortunately, critics didn’t find the film perfect, admitting some vivid remarks.

However, most of the fans enjoyed the astonishing atmosphere of the movie. Even though many thought it to be Freddie’s biography, it is actually a feature film, talking about Queen as a band in a whole.

Rami Malek, the American actor with Egyptian origin, played the leading role in the movie. He managed to adopt Freddie's behavior perfectly and even learned some of the singer’s barely perceptible gestures!

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The film tells the story about the career of the legendary artist. Did you know that he worked as a simple loader at Heathrow Airport? Freddie’s main peculiarity was in broad thinking, allowing him to be one step ahead of his colleagues. While working on the first albums and still being hardly popular, he was thinking not only about conquering the UK; he dreamed of conquering the whole world!


As you can see, he did it. His passion for music and incredible performance worked perfectly to fulfill his dream. In just a few years, he became popular all around the world. With Mercury’s growing popularity, his circle of friends also expanded seriously. Hardly anyone knows that Princess Diana was one of his close mates.


Diana and Freddie began to be friends in the 80s. The princess enjoyed watching Queen’s performances. Together with Mercury, they often met to discuss the latest news with a cup of tea or something stronger.


More detailed information about the relationship between Diana and Freddie can be found in Cleo Rocos' memoirs. She is a UK comedian actress, and once happened to spend an evening with the two celebrities at the end of the 80s, several years before Charles and Diana broke up.

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Cleo mentioned how she, Freddie and another friend helped Diana to dress in men’s clothes. The company then attended a gay bar. Cleo and her friend wanted to stop Diana. They repeated that tomorrow she would be on the covers of all UK magazines. However, Freddie suggested everyone relaxing and assured there would be no problems.

When we walked in... we felt she was obviously Princess Diana and would be discovered at any minute. But people just seemed to blank her. She sort of disappeared. But she loved it.


The public found out about this story in 2013, many years after the death of both idols. Just think about it, Diana and Freddie had a lot in common: She felt uncomfortable within British society, and he considered himself an odd one out in this world. What a pity their destinies broke off so quickly and tragically!

Have you ever heard this story? In your opinion, why did Diana want to visit a gay bar?

Share your thoughts in the comments.

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