10 Most Handsome Men Of 2017: No Pitt, Clooney, or Banderas In The List

September 4, 2018

Every modern woman has her own ideal of male beauty. As a rule, such idols become famous personalities – actors, singers, models, or TV reporters. However, these aren’t the only representatives of most handsome men, as there are also unofficial but still influential ratings.

INDEPENDENT CRITICS LIST is one of such ratings. It is a fairly popular resource. Its creators and employees are trying not to reflect, but to expand public opinion. For more than 25 years, portal experts have rated 100 most beautiful people, based on the analysis of human perceptions of the ideal appearance.

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Many of the men who got in the TOP-10 of 2017 are more famous at the regional level than around the world. However, this doesn’t prevent them from embodying collective ideal images. Not all women will agree with the choice of experts. However, let’s find out what the majority thinks about the ideal male appearance.

Ten most handsome men of 2017

10. Blogger Mariano Di Vaio

The Instagram page of this handsome man has more than 6 million subscribers. Today, he is a successful men’s fashion expert. Previously, Mariano worked as a model – this inspired him to create his own original blog.

9. Dancer and singer Oh Se-hun

This young 24-year-old Korean is considered one of the most charming Asian men. He was fond of dancing since childhood. Thanks to this, agents noticed him when the boy was only 12. Later, he started singing and became one of the frontmen of the South Korean group EXO.

8. Actor Idris Elba

The cinema superstar began his career on television and quickly became a popular actor. Today, he has more than 50 projects he took part in.

7. Blogger Felix Kjellberg

Kjellberg’s channel has more than 65 million subscribers on YouTube. In his youth, Felix was known as a dysfunctional teenager. Studying at school, he preferred computer games. He started recording himself and posting such videos online – as a result, his exquisite behavior brought him insane popularity.

6. Actor Stanley Weber

Weber became famous due to the Borgia series that were also released as a movie later. His second and not less popular dramatic project is the television series Outlander.

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5. Actor William Levy

Levy is best known in Latin America. He started with a modeling career and participated in a reality show. One of his most famous films is Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.

4. Singer James Reid

Glory came to this 25-year-old Filipino after participating in a local talent show ten years ago. He started as a singer and author of texts, and today, he is also a popular actor.

3. Actor Armie Hammer

Although Hammer originates from Russia, his family emigrated to the United States long ago. He paid tribute to his Slavic roots, making a tattoo in Cyrillic. His most famous role is the Winklevoss twins in the film The Social Network.

2. Actor Jason Momoa

Thanks to Khal Drogo, Conan, and Aquaman, Momoa has gained insane popularity in the recent years. Few people remember that his acting experience stared in the series Baywatch.

1. Singer Kim Tae-hyung

The leader of the INDEPENDENT CRITICS LIST is the 22-year-old South Korean singer Kim Tae-hyung, known for his performance in the BTS Boy Band. Sounds unexpectedly, doesn’t it?

Nominees 2018

In a few months, INDEPENDENT CRITICS LIST will publish the rating of the most handsome men in 2018. Even though there are quite familiar identities among them, we have no idea who will get to the top, judging from the unexpected result published the previous year. Here are some of the nominees:

1. Jared Leto

2. Leonardo DiCaprio

3. Ryan Reynolds

4. Zac Efron

5. Tom Cruise

Did you enjoy the results of the 2017 rating? Were there the men whom you predicted to get to the top? What are your expectations for the next year? Share your opinions in the comments.

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