40-Year-Old Ashton Kutcher Hit A Teenager With His Black Tesla

September 25, 2018 19:55

Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher hit a teenager in Los Angeles with his electric car. At this time, the boy was driving his scooter.

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19-year-old Leo Marenghi received minor injuries – just a knee abrasion. In general, he got off with a little fright.

The injured teen earns money as a nanny and at that moment was going to pick up children from school. Suddenly a black Tesla came over him. Ashton came out of the car and asked the boy how he felt.

According to Leo, Kutcher was very nice and worried a lot about his condition. The only thing that the guy asked the actor is to take a selfie with him. Surely, someone else would have hurried to the court to get compensation from the celebrity, but Leo turned out to be Ashton’s true fan.

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Leo immediately called his mother and sister to show off an unexpected meeting. Well, they will definitely believe him since the guy has a photo.

By the way, very few fans are lucky to make a photo with the actor. Ashton and his wife Mila carefully hide their personal lives and rarely appear in public places.

What do you think about the accident? How would you act if a celebrity hit you? Would you require compensation or a photo would be enough? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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