“50 Shades Of Gray” As Seen In The Outfits Of Melania Trump, Meghan Markle, And Other Influential Women

December 10, 2018

Gray is one of the basic colors, widely used in fall and winter. It never goes out of fashion since it is included in most of the formal outfits. However, you need to be able to present it correctly not to fade your image. On the contrary, you should make it trendy. Gray will generally look advantageous if you combine it with black. At the same time, wearing it with white isn’t the best decision. If you choose a monochrome image, then make sure you stick to a minimalistic style or add some expressive features to make it work as well. Influential women know a lot about this color. So, let’s use their examples and see how to wear gray correctly.

1. Checked coat


A classic outfit that will never go out of fashion. The First Lady of Argentina chose a great cut that visually resembles a long jacket. The coat perfectly accompanied the black outfit underneath.

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2. Oversize coat


This style is now in fashion, so Melania Trump decided to show how beautiful your figure can be even in a visually shapeless coat. Black accessories in the form of shoes, handbags, and gloves are great additions. Black buttons also make a contrast, providing the coat with exquisite features.

3. Midi dress


This image may seem to benefit from being monochrome, but Queen Letizia is an experienced fashionista, so she picked up additional black elements to make a contrast: a thin belt and pumps look ideal with the dress.

4. Boat neckline dress


This image seems both simple and elegant. Boat neckline focuses on the collarbone and neck, so there is no need to wear additional accessories. Ideal minimalistic decision! Black bag and pumps accompany the image ideally.

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5. Warm dress

This image could also look great as monochrome, but Melania decided to provide it with a few bright features. Yes, black can be “bright” if you combine it with gray. A dress made of thick fabric and an oversized coat perfectly complement black pumps and black buttons.

6. Classic coat-dress


Kate Middleton adores restrained classic. Black elements on the buttons and collar help to make the outfit more expressive.

7. Trouser suit

This time, Melania Trump chose a dark gray trouser suit, silver pumps, and a black turtleneck. Again, the chosen black element made the image stylish and modern.


So, what conclusion can we make judging by the style of these adorable ladies? Gray should be emphasized with additional elements. It is either a checkered print, black shades, or original necklines. Do you like wearing this color? Do you stick to the same fashion rules as these women? Share your experience in the comments.

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