Changed Beyond Recognition: Macaulay Culkin Appeared In Public For The First Time In Many Years

October 12, 2018

28 years have passed since the release of one of the most favorite family Christmas comedies, “Home Alone.” Even today, we can’t imagine Christmas without it. It has even hit the Guinness Book of World Records as one of the most profitable movies. The story of Kevin McCallister is both funny and touching, but the fate of the actor, who played him, Macaulay Culkin, turned out to be the exact opposite.

© «Home Alone» (1990) / 20th Century Fox

He began to act at 4; the peak of his fame came in the early 90s when the two films gained instant popularity. Unfortunately, Culkin’s success didn’t benefit him or his parents: greed prevailed their love; they forced the boy to work hard, which led to numerous litigations and spoiled relationships.

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Macaulay started living independently since 16. Unfortunately, this affected his habits in a bad way. As soon as the young man obtained the right to use his earned money, he plunged into dissipation. The actor lived through his first big depression after a breakup with famous actress Mila Kunis: the actor lost a lot of weight and started looking many years older than his real age.

Even though Culkin’s popularity quickly began to decline after scandalous trials with the parents, some of the most devoted fans continued to track his life regardless of the star's reckless lifestyle. By the way, few people know that he is the godfather to Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris. He became the second youngest actor in history to be invited to the TV show Saturday Night Live. In 2013, he founded his own musical group, Pizza Underground. In 2014, the Internet was shocked by the rumors about Culkin’s death. But Macaulay quickly disproved the untruthful news.

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Despite all the difficulties, Macaulay didn’t regret anything in his life: he took each new twist of fate as a lesson and gradually drew conclusions.

The public has recently learned that many of them were correct indeed. Culkin hasn’t appeared at social events for many years, but on Tuesday, October 9, he surprised everyone. The 38-year-old actor arrived at the American Music Awards ceremony and impressed everyone with his excellent appearance. A neat hairstyle and healthy color of his clean-shaven face gave reasons to say that Macaulay made a choice in favor of giving up bad habits and became remarkably similar to the little boy so many people used to adore.


The actor was in an excellent mood, happily posing in front of the cameras. He didn’t resemble that exhausted man we had seen a few years ago.



Culkin’s transformation was immediately discussed in social networks: users noted that the actor looked healthy and happy. By the way, Macaulay planned to return to his initial occupation that many of his fans have been waiting for all these years. What do you think about “updated” Kevin McCallister?

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