Fans Worry A Lot About Angelina's Health: The Actress Had Never Lost So Much Weight Before

August 20, 2018

In August 2018, the media reported disturbing news – Angelina Jolie was taken to a psychiatric hospital. Luckily, a few days after, she finally appeared in public with her children. Jolie looked cheerful and smiled in the photo together with her kids. The bad news is the actress looked really exhausted.

Check out the scary photos in Twitter below.​​​​​

For the pictured public appearance, Jolie chose a light sweater, black trousers, and low-heeled shoes. Angelina finished her daily image with a big bag and even bigger sunglasses. The actress’ hair was tied in a ponytail. Perhaps, due to the chosen hairstyle, her neck seemed even thinner, while her cheekbones looked too expressive.

The most attentive fans also noted that, while Jolie is rapidly losing weight, her adopted daughter gained a few pounds. The girl now looks plumper than she used to be a few months ago.

While Angelina’s children wear T-shirts in the summer, she tries to put on various sweaters and raincoats. The photo below was taken on August 15. 

We hope our favorite actress feels well indeed, and her weight loss is just another necessity for a new role. Do you agree?

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