Queen Elizabeth Paid For Her Magnificent Wedding Dress With Coupons

September 20, 2018

Elizabeth II is one of the most popular and wealthiest monarchs of our time. She owns several fabulous jewelry and art collections and has a decent bank account. The majority of expenses associated with royal family members are paid from their own pockets. However, some of the costs, for example, for security, are taken from the taxpayers.


So, how much does the Queen “cost” for the British? According to Forbes, in 2016, the monarch’s capital was about $530 million. We don’t know where she spends her money. The only thing we know is that Elizabeth II was considered one of the most stylish and well-dressed monarchs for many decades. Since she was brought up in a strict and respectful environment, she always looked gorgeous and at the same time rather modest.

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For more than 70 years, Prince Philip was her loyal companion at many official events. The couple’s relationship was considered one of the most exemplary. Young people met in 1934, and 13 years later, they announced their engagement and wedding.

It was a worldwide celebration. More than 200 million people around the world could witness it thanks to the radio broadcast of the Air Force Radio. At that time, Princess Elizabeth had eight bridesmaids. In addition to the wedding ring made of Welsh gold, the bride’s finger was embellished with a special ring decorated with the diamonds from Philip mother’s tiara.

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The future Queen’s magnificent wedding attire also deserved much attention. The luxurious ivory dress was created by Sir Normann Hartnell. It was approved less than three months before the celebration, but more than 300 seamen managed to finish their work on time, decorating it with 10,000 crystals and pearls.

It is worth noting that the future monarch paid for her wedding dress by coupons for clothes. Soon after Prince Philip proposed to Elizabeth, she began to gather the coupons. You will wonder why the king’s daughter couldn’t afford to purchase a dress? Since the ceremony took place in 1947 and post-war Europe was engulfed in an economic crisis, any unforeseen costs could be fatal for the country’s welfare. Therefore, everybody, including the royal family members, used the remaining coupons after the war.

Nevertheless, Elizabeth managed to save enough coupons to pay for her dream dress. After the ceremony, it became part of the exposition in the St. James Palace. Elizabeth’s wedding was considered quite modest according to the modern standards, while the ceremonies of her son, Prince Charles, and grandson, Prince William, were included in the list of the most expensive ones.

All the British wanted to help Elizabeth shine in a dream dress. She received the coupons by mail from different parts of the country. The delighted royal, however, returned them with thanks, as she had no right to accept such gifts.

How do you think if the princess hadn’t been able to accumulate enough coupons, would the state treasury have helped her purchase the dress? What would you do in her father’s place?

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