This Has Finally Happened: The World Has Witnessed The First Royal Gay Marriage

September 27, 2018

A few months earlier, the world community had been shocked by the unexpected news of another wedding in the royal family. This time, the Queen’s cousin, Lord Ivar Mountbatten decided to unite his life with a beloved one. The only surprise was that his choice was another man.

A British aristocrat, farmer and geologist, Ivar Mountbatten, celebrated his 55th birthday in the spring this year. Being the Queen’s distant relative, he didn’t officially work for the royal family, so hardly anyone knows a lot about him.

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Mountbatten received an excellent education at Gordonstoun School and Middlebury College. He showed impressive results while working in the civil service, and also participated in various educational programs, including international ones, for students. In 1994, Ivar married Penelope Thompson, with whom they welcomed three daughters: Ella, Alexandra, and Louise.

Now, the girls are already grown-up, and the oldest one has recently received a diploma of higher education. The happy family life of Ivar and Penelope, in reality, turned out to be far from ideal. The couple divorced in 2011, but for the sake of their daughters, they kept warm and friendly relations.

Perhaps, we wouldn’t have heard anything about Ivar, unless in 2016 he had publicly confessed about his unconventional orientation. His partner was immediately introduced to the family. It turned out to be the British airlines’ employee, James Coyle. The two men met on vacation in a ski resort in Switzerland. Ivar confessed he found out about his different orientation in youth. Moreover, he frankly talked about the duality of his preferences with his future wife. She treated the confession with understanding and eventually married Mountbatten. She was among the first to support Ivar in endeavours to change his life.

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As Mountbatten reported on his page in Instagram, the Queen’s cousin and James Coyle got married on September 22 and have already published a few photos from the celebration.

Since the event was modest and closed, the details of the ceremony are kept secret. As previously reported, few of the famous representatives of the monarch’s family could attend the celebration due to busy working schedules. However, Ivar mentioned that his relatives were well-disposed towards Coil and their decision. The couple exchanged loyalty vows in the circle of the closest people in a private chapel located in the mansion in Devon.

Elizabeth II and her representatives didn’t comment on Mountbatten’s decision. At the same time, such silence can be considered as support towards the couple, especially since the Queen has already taken a course against various kinds of discrimination.

How would you behave in Elizabeth’s place? Would they support a relative or continue to uphold the age-old family values and the reputation of the dynasty? Share your opinions in the comments.

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