What Is Going On, Melania? Has The First Lady Become Tired Of Being A Fashion Role Model?

July 27, 2018

Melania Trump has always appeared on public in luxurious outfits since the elections. Moreover, you may witness hardly any mistake in her choice of clothes. The distinctive feature of her images has always been high-heeled shoes, perfect styling, makeup, and a variety of prints and patterns on any of her outfits. However, recently, something went a bit wrong.


Yes, Melania still looks flawless as before, but it seems she completely stopped experimenting. All of her recent public appearances show almost the same type of dress: repeated shapes, length, and even necklines. Unfortunately, the excellent tight pencil skirts don’t emphasize Melania’s perfect figure, as she simply forgot about them. The First Lady chooses midi-length dresses with an accent on her waist and with a loose skirt.

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These images look much more conservative and restrained than her bright and spectacular outfits from the past. Previously, Melania had enough courage to wear snake prints, while now, she opts for the outfits of discreet shades.


The latest appearance of the First Lady was even more embarrassing: hasn’t she worn the similar dress just recently? The color, length, and even print looked suspiciously similar.

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It is really easy to confuse this dress with the one she was wearing to meet the Spanish royal family. Luckily, the outfits are still different. This time, she decided to wear a dress from JIL SANDER, while during the meeting with Letizia, she opted for Valentino.


It may seem the First Lady could just prefer a particular brand, having bought clothes from one collection. Unfortunately, the answer is no. She has always appeared in public in the clothes from different brands. Her extensive wardrobe includes some of the world-famous designers:








When choosing her skirts, Melania often resorts to her favorite brand – MARTIN GRANT OFFICIAL. Unfortunately, most of her choices have recently been quite similar.


Even though Melania’s body still looks flawless, it has recently become obvious that now, she prefers one particular style of clothes. Do you agree with our observations? Did you like Melania’s recent outfits? Share your impressions in the comments.

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