"Prisoners Eat Better": A British Woman Is Outraged At Her Daughter's School Lunch

November 9, 2018 19:16

Is there anyone who doesn't want the best for their kids? And nutrition is one of the most burning issues for parents.

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A UK resident, who goes by username Gemz OG, has recently posted a picture of her daughter's school lunch on her Facebook page. She was outraged at how unappetizing the served dish looked.

The canteen food shocked the mother to the core. The mother angrily commented:

Not even joking, this is what St. Pius Primary School is dishing out to the kids! Absolutely no need! It’s no wonder she asks for money every single day to go to shops with her pals... She is certainly NOT eating that... packed lunches as of now!

Gemz OG / Facebook

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Female followers were horrified at this picture too. They also called this food "child abuse." Many internet users compared the lunch with prison food. However, some people disagreed with these comments by ironically noting that prisoners get better food.

Oh my, I can’t believe an adult would actually serve that out to anyone. That’s not even a meal, I’m shocked.

Eww, that looks horrible.

Absolutely shocking they're feeding that to kids. I wouldn’t eat it either.

What is that? I wouldn't even give that to the dog.

Thiranun Kunatu /

The angry mother refused to sit back and do nothing, so she filed a complaint in the name of the school management regarding poor canteen food. The woman hopes that the problem won't be disregarded as she doesn't make that much money to give her daughter money for shop food daily. For now, she packs her lunch at home. 

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Does your child take home-made lunch or buy it in the canteen? How much do you know about school lunches? Tell us in the comments below!

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