6 Women’s Mistakes That Will Become A Highway To A Spoilt Man

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April 17, 2019 12:26 By Fabiosa

We tend to make mistakes, and that is surprisingly a good thing. Correcting them makes us smarter and more experienced. But some mistakes can be easily avoided not to face unpleasant consequences in the future. Today, we want to talk about 6 of the most common women’s mistakes that can turn a man into a spoilt child!

1. Doing everything at home by yourself

How do you raise your kids amorphous and dependent? That's right, you do everything for them! It’s just the same with a man. If you limit his leisure time only to watching TV and working, he will soon turn into a lazy creature with a remote control in his hands! Make sure you share your household chores.

2. Being at his every beck and call

Being an altruist is a good trait, but if you are ready to do literally everything for your man, you must be doubting your worthiness and show him your dependence! This may lead to several manipulations. To prevent relationship imbalance, don’t rush to satisfy every single one of the man’s whims.

3. Refusing his help

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If a man wants to help you, and you constantly turn down his offers, this may lead to your partner’s laziness. It will be difficult for you to restore energy and efficiency, so don’t stifle his initiative and allow to help with your concerns!

4. Encouraging him to be lazy


If you constantly listen to his fairy tales about how things will change in the near future, you must be already stuck in a world of unfulfilled expectations, sweetly fed by promises. Don’t encourage his laziness. Become a mentor and a guide on the path to a healthy and energetic family life!

5. Raising children by yourself

Raising a child requires not only maternal influence. Gently “force” the father to spend more time with the children, and if there is no such possibility, then keep him in maximum awareness of the children's lives.

6. Letting yourself be under his thumb

A man-manipulator won’t bring any joy to your relationship. Treat him with more objectivity, not to fall into the trap!

Not only will these 6 mistakes spoil your man, but also turn him into a real sloth. It will be really difficult to turn things back. You shouldn’t degrade discipline; just support it for the sake of your couple’s happiness. Know your own worth, talk more, and don’t let the manipulation begin!