Beauty Salon Employee Quits Her Job After Refusing To Pierce The Ears Of A Child Without Her Consent

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April 16, 2019 18:25 By Fabiosa

Many beauty salons pierce the ears of children and even babies at the request of their mothers. But do the salon employees have the right to do this if a child is too small to give consent or doesn’t want to do it? Our heroine of today decided to quit her job after she refused to pierce a girl’s ears that obviously didn’t want to do it, regardless of her mother’s persistence.

Claire’s kid's ear piercing

Claire’s employee Raylene Marks had been working for one of the most popular US chain stores for 4 months. But she decided she could no longer work there since her moral principles simply couldn’t allow her to pierce the ears of children who don’t want to. The last incident that happened to Rayleen ended her career in that place.

A mother brought her 7-year-old daughter to the salon to have her ears pierced. The girl begged for half an hour, cried, and asked not to do it. But her mother insisted!

She expressed that she didn't want us touching her, that we were standing too close, that she was feeling uncomfortable.

Marks refused to pierce the girl’s ears. As a result, the mother and daughter went home.

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The next day, Rayleen talked to her manager, explaining the situation. She asked what should she do in cases where a child has to be held down and doesn’t want to pierce the ears. The manager answered:

You would have had no choice but to do it.

Having analyzed the situation, Rayleen quit. She believes that the child should have the right to refuse!

After Rayleen's post on Facebook, Claire’s announced some adjustments to the rules. Salon employees will be able to refuse from the procedure if the child doesn’t want to and resists.

At what age and under what circumstances can you pierce your children’s ears

You should pierce a child’s ears when she understands what it is and asks it of her own accord. A kid should also be old enough to realize that the ears can’t be touched with dirty hands. You also need to be sure that the child doesn’t swallow the earring if it unfastens.

You shouldn’t pierce the ears if the child has health problems: blood diseases, ear inflammation, diabetes, neuralgic diseases, allergies, and other ailments. It isn’t advisable to do a piercing before vaccination, during a cold, or while teething.

What do you think about this? Did the employee do the right thing? Should children have their ears pierced during infancy? Share your opinions in the comments!