5 Mother's Phrases That Will Make A Child Obedient Yet Lonely

May 13, 2019 12:49

A quiet and obedient child is the greatest joy for parents; probably everyone can agree with that. However, sometimes, there are actually serious problems behind this type of behavior, such as low self-esteem, guilt, lack of responsibility, unwillingness to do anything as he or she might get punished for doing something wrong.

Why can a child be obedient yet lonely?

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In the same line as with other problems, there's also loneliness – when a child starts to feel isolated from the world, other kids, and parents. It's not always connected with being the only child raised in the family.

Psychologists believe that a series of phrases adults often say to their children may lead to this state. Here are just a few of them.

1. Go play on your own, mommy's busy

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2. You can't even find friends?

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3. No one wants to be friends with such a scruffy kid!

4. You're embarrassing me in front of everyone

5. You can't do anything without me! 

Parents often say these things with good intentions, such as teaching a child how to behave: being clean and neat, well-mannered and good. But in the end, they cause the reverse effect.

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Dear parents, pay close attention to the things you say when educating your kids. Not all of them have the desired effect. Your main focus should be your child's psychological wellness, his/her personality, and character. Find the best approach for your family.

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