5 Silly Reasons Even Strong Couples Fight

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April 16, 2019 17:29 By Fabiosa

Perfect relationships with complete mutual understanding and no quarrels don't exist. Conflicts often appear because of financial pressure in the family, raising children, etc. But sometimes people fight over totally ridiculous things. Routine mostly. If you've been together for a few years, it means you are most likely familiar with these situations. Perhaps, it's about time you solved them?

Silly routine fights

1. Bathroom

Women most often get mad because their significant other forgets to put the toilet seat down, while men get irritated when forgetful ladies use up all the toilet paper and forget to replace it with a new roll, setting their men up.

Also, an argument in the family can arise from the question: which way should you hang toilet paper?

2. Female hair

Men love women's hair, but only when it stays on a beautiful lady's head. Hair on the floor, on the soap, in the sink, and in the soup they find rather irritating!

3. Pet care

Pets are often bought for children. But in the end, mom and dad are the ones who have to look after the furry friend. This often becomes the foundation of quarrels: whose turn is it to walk the dog or clean the litter box?

4. Food

It happens that one of the partners says he/she isn't hungry. But when the food is served, this person stars stealing it off the other's plate. Or sometimes, you leave some food in the fridge to enjoy the next day, but in the morning, it's nowhere to be seen.

5. Gadgets

Many people fight because of gadgets. When one of the partners wants to talk, another is staring at the phone or playing games on the computer.

How to reach common ground

Mutual understanding can only be achieved through compromise or talking. Also, you need to figure out why you fight. The reason for conflicts often lies in routine and monotonous life. That's why you should discuss all things and plans together. Don't hold a grudge, rather tell the partner what you don't like in a gentle way. Add a bit of variety into your routine!

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