Conjoined Twins Have Only Seen Each Other In The Mirror, But It Doesn't Stop Them From Living a Full Life

July 17, 2019 11:25

The chance of giving birth to conjoined twins is 1 in 200,000. Conjoined twins, commonly known as Siamese twins, is when newborns have joined body parts or internal organs. It is more common in girls. Unfortunately, the survival rate of such babies is not very high. Nelly and Neev from Amsterdam got very lucky.

Now the girls are already 18 years old, although when they were born, the doctors didn't think they had a high chance of survival. And even if they could survive, that they'd only live up to be 10 years old and be in bad health.

They are joined to each other at the back of their heads and the rest of the bodies are separate. Along with this, as they joke, they don't wish to read each other's minds.

The girls can only see each other with the help of a mirror. Over the course of their lives so far, they've adjusted to taking turns when doing certain things such as brushing their teeth.

But they can only go out together. And they always have to consider each other's interests and capabilities. They also have an elder sister who takes care of them.

The people around them don't always react to the girls appropriately. Nelly and Neev have decided to raise societal awareness of the life that Siamese twins lead. To illustrate that, they tell about their lives on their YouTube channel and Instagram account. They want to show the world that they shouldn't be perceived only as physically disabled people – they're just as active and energetic as anyone else.

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