Good-For-Nothing Spouses: Zodiac Signs Who Find It The Hardest To Play The Role Of A Wife

April 26, 2019 12:37

Every woman is unique in her own way. Some find joy in their careers, while others find their life purpose in being perfect wives and mothers. And there are those who manage to combine it all!

For instance, Cancers dream about having their own family from an early age and from the moment they're mature enough to do it, they know how to take care of their loved ones. You could say that Cancers are the perfect wives, at least, from the household point of view.

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What about other zodiac signs?

Astrologers have an opinion that among the 12 zodiac signs, there are those who find being a wife the hardest. Who are they?


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On the one hand, Scorpios are great housewives. Their house is always clean and neat, and a five-course meal is awaiting her husband in the kitchen. However, it all is canceled out by one unpleasant character trait that many Scorpios possess. This lady has the desperate need to dominate in the relationship. She's always right, period! Scorpio often earns more than her husband, which hurts his self-esteem. Needless to say that sooner or later such families fall apart.


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A relationship with a woman born under the sign of Pisces starts with romance. She is the definition of delicacy and ethereality that he, the knight in shining armor, should protect. Over time, Pisces starts to get really cheeky and walk all over her husband. Quite often, the man gets tired of such a one-sided relationship as even the most masculine macho man needs attention and care!


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Leo-woman is a great companion for functions. She can always say something smart and show off her beauty at a company party. She knows how to impress and conquer. But in terms of the household, a Lioness is a failure! She is far from chores – she doesn't know how to do them. Or even if she does, she has no desire to get involved in it! Some husbands turn a blind eye to this fact and hire some service, while for others, it's a matter of great importance and then arguments are unavoidable!

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