Love Is Cruel: 5 Types Of Women Who Ruin Men

May 14, 2019 15:30

Have you ever wondered why a perfect-in-every-sense-of-the-word man leaves his beautiful wife for a mediocre, mousy girl?

Well, perhaps he fell into the trap of a woman who turned his life into a living hell. So, which women should they stay away from?

5 types of women who ruin men

1. Princess

Such a woman will always expect you to fulfill her every whim. But along with this, she often turns out to be immature and dependant on her man. The one who finds himself in the "princess'" trap will use up all his time and power trying to take care of and guard his beloved.

2. Tigress

She is his dream and fantasy. Such a woman may resemble the most beautiful girl in his class or a movie star. When he dives into a romantic relationship with her, it sets the man free from all his insecurities and gives him a confidence boost. Although, truth be told, nothing serious usually comes out of such a relationship.

3. Mommy

Men who didn't get enough love, care, and affection as children often get into a relationship with women who remind them of their mother — whether it's their looks or behavior. Even successful and fulfilled men who merely "left the nest" too soon.

4. Tyrant

Such women nip in the bud all of their partner's plans, convincing them that they won't succeed anyway, so there's no point in trying. This makes men constantly doubt themselves and it crushes their self-esteem.

5. Mama bear

It's crucial for such a woman to have a big happy family that she can watch over and surround with her love. However, the abundance of such care and attention often backfires. The man will start to feel pressured and suffocate from excess of affection.

A relationship with such women may bring the man quite a few troubles, but, alas, love is often blind.

Which types of women could you add to this list? We're waiting for your answers in the comments below!