"My Son Is Gay." Baffled Parent Anonymously Asked For Advice On The Internet

June 25, 2019 10:44

Even nowadays, in our modern, open-minded society, the public's attitude towards homosexual people leaves much to be desired, though it differs immensely depending on the culture and country.

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Members of the LGBT community are faced with challenges in their daily lives such as discrimination, taunts, bullying, and much more.

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Despite the fact that in recent years, the situation has improved where society has accepted them more and in many developed countries, most people have no prejudice against sexual orientation, people struggle to come out, especially to their parents.

Being homosexual is not a sin or disorder

Some mothers and fathers believe that sexuality can be "fixed" through therapy. One parent even asked internet users for advice.

My son is gay. How can I convince him to see a therapist?

– asked an anonymous user.

The question got varied responses. Some people thought the parent wants his son to go to therapy to learn how to deal with homophobia, so they recommended a few foundations for LGBT youth. Others noted that he doesn't need help of a medical professional, as it's not a disorder.

@Lotta Kalla:

He doesn’t need to see a therapist, because there’s nothing wrong with him.

 @Martin Vargas:

First, sorry to disappoint you but, there is no way to make someone who is gay, straight.

 @Camila Genesman:

Love, respect, and support are the keys in the family. He needs those from you. If you wish him to be straight, then you’re not good parent of his.

Why it's important to accept your child's sexual orientation and support him or her

Studies have found a direct link between a person's family accepting their sexuality and his/her health. Parents' support of the child's gender expression, as well as protection against homophobia, prevent the development of depression and suicidal thoughts later in their adulthood.

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Your main job as a parent is to love and accept your child unconditionally. Teenagers might be hesitant and afraid to come out, but it's crucial to let them know that their confession won't make you love them any less. Take your children's words seriously, don't deny them, and don't think you can fix things. Also, do ask questions. All of this will help you establish a trusting relationship with your kids.

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Share this information with your friends who have children. Maybe they don't know how to act the right way in such situations.

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