Nuances Of Cohabitation: "We've Been Together For A Long Time, But He Doesn't Want To Marry Me. What Do I Do?"

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April 16, 2019 11:25 By Fabiosa

With cohabitation getting more and more common, there's a growing tendency: partners live together for a long period of time, but they don't rush into making it official. More precisely, the woman would like to put on a white dress and say her vows, but the man isn't proposing. So how do you get married after a long cohabitation?

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26-year-old Olga told her story. She's been living with her boyfriend for 8 years. The girl is trying to be patient with her partner's flaws, sets up home, looks after herself. In a word, she's a perfect wife.

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But her boyfriend isn't proposing to her. To Olga's direct question why he doesn't want to start a family, he replied: "I don't want to get married." Such a state of things upset the girl because she loves him, but she doesn't feel like staying together with such prospects.

If you have a similar situation, you should turn to experts for help to hear another opinion on the situation. First of all, why some men don't rush into making a relationship official because:

  • they need a very serious reason for that;
  • they need to understand that their significant other is the best;
  • they've already had a bad experience;
  • they don't feel supported;
  • their friends don't approve of their choice.

In such cases, girls need to have patience until the man grows older and realizes that living with you is the best thing he's ever had. And you are the one who will turn his routine into a holiday and will save him from trivial loneliness in old age.

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The only reason the man gets married is purely his desire to tie the knot with this particular woman. If there's no such desire, you should give it good thought whether you're ready to wait or need to leave straight away to not waste time.

What do you think we could advise Olga in her situation? And if you've ever been through the same thing, how did you deal with it?

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