Zodiac Couples That Shamelessly Lie To Each Other

July 16, 2019

When people start dating and then get married, they're absolutely sure that it's the best choice and decision, that's why they will live happily ever after and have complete trust in their relationship. Unfortunately, life might have unpleasant surprises in store when lies, cheating, and betrayal of one of the partners come out.

Zodiac couples where partners lie to each other

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Turns out, there's a way to predict and avoid such painful situations, as representatives of certain zodiac signs find it hard to be in a relationship and not lie to their partner. So who are they?

Capricorn and Aries

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Representatives of these signs work hard at achieving their goals, that's why they achieve breakthroughs. But they often have different views on what they need at the moment. In this case, they can't hear each other's arguments and may even lie a little just to win the fight. It's for the greater good, they believe.

Pisces and Gemini

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Homely, peace-and-quiet-loving Pisces sometimes can't bear active and chatty Gemini who always has things to tell. In order to ensure their own comfort, Pisces people may make something up, like an illness or business that needs taking care of, just to be left alone. So Geminis are forced to look for a good listener on the side.

Leo and Taurus

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Slightly selfish and arrogant Leo gets bored being around a silent Taurean who only supports staying at home. That's why Leos might get interested in some other person who will adore and compliment them. And then, Taurus will have an affair just to take revenge.

We wonder if any of our readers are a part of such unions. Can you confirm or refute the astrological findings?

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