5 Signs That You Don't Love Him Anymore. Is It Worth Dragging A Suitcase Without A Handle?

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March 15, 2019 18:02 By Fabiosa

Imagine, you met your one and only, fell in love, got married. It seems like it's going to be this way forever! You will be filled with love for your husband and you will spend every minute of your life with him.

Wait, it looks more like a movie scene rather than real life. In reality, at every stage of your relationship, you can feel a certain 'degree' of love. Today, you are overwhelmed with feelings, and tomorrow, you want to spend time by yourself, and it's okay!

Other times, love passes. It's painful, bitter and frustrating, but it's a norm variation as nothing lasts forever in this life.

So how can you understand that you're not just tired of the relationship?

1. You feel much better alone

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You've started to notice that you feel very comfortable alone while your husband's presence broods you.

2. You don't compromise, you do what you think is best for you

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You used to discuss your future plans together and looked for common ground if necessary, but now, you only care about your own point of view. You only care about your own comfort and you aren't too bothered with what your husband is going to do.

3. You spend more time with your friends

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There should be time for friends in every woman's life. It's a good reason to start thinking about the relationship with your husband if you spend much more time with your favorite 'girls' than him.

4. You don't see him as a man

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The most dangerous signal which practically trumpets that things are bad in your relationship. Perhaps, you can fix it if you notice this problem before it's too late. Remember that you used to love your husband, how your relationship started, why you got attracted to him in the first place. 

5. You get too much 'personal' business you used to do only together

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Whatever business we're talking about, you feel better without your husband. Period. There's no love to talk about.

If upon reading all the points mentioned above, you recognized yourself, don't panic. You need to evaluate critically what is going on in your family right now. There must be a way to fix it. And remember that it takes years to build a relationship, but you can ruin it within seconds.

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