6 Women's Mistakes In The Relationship That Can Drive The Passion Away

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March 15, 2019 17:58 By Fabiosa

In the beginning, relationships are always full of uncontrollable energy of passion. And it seems like it will always be this way. Touching will bring unimaginable primal sensations and thoughts will be filled with an exaggerated image of the object of affection.

But over time, your brain gets used to it and stops getting an increased dosage of dopamine from a relationship. And it's perfectly normal, it is natural for passion to extinguish as it's unnatural for the body to always be under the influence of this feeling. However, sometimes, affection goes away because of the mistakes in the woman's behavior. What should you avoid doing in order to keep this beautiful, juvenile state of affection and passion as long as possible?

1. Lack of initiative

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Men want attention either. They present themselves as conquerors at the first stages, but then, they get tired of always making the 'first move'. In order to 'light up the fire' and turn on your 'seduction mode', remember how you can get what you want. And then your man will rediscover you from a different side. The key is to act natural! 

2. Constraint

The man feels when the woman has restraints. He wants to feel full synergy in the relationship. If after some time, you still think that he's bothered by the flaws of your body, you are mistaken. You are the only one who thinks about that, although you should be focused on a completely different thing!

3. Excessive care

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How can you kill passion in the relationship fast? Become a mommy to your partner! When you switch your role, the man is forced to put his masculinity into hibernation mode and become your son. If you don't want to help him do his homework every night, then treat him as equal!

4. Being constantly unpleased

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Another sure way of prematurely stripping your relationship off passion is grumbling all the time. If you think that constantly disgruntled grannies who mumble can arouse anyone, you need to take off your rose-colored glasses. Otherwise, bear in mind that everyone has problems, it's important to not create new ones, but to solve the existing ones!

5. Putting all cards on the table

It's not a good idea to tell your man absolutely everything. If you do something to your skin or hair, only present him the results. Stay a mystery he wants to unfold. You don't want to be the cake without a cherry on top, do you?

6. Not knowing your worth

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If you allow your man too much or put up with disgraceful behavior, then he will most likely get tired of you and you will have a sad ending with a lot of tears and long recovery period to heal all the wounds of your broken heart. Know your worth and then you will find the right balance which will be beneficial not only for the relationship in general, but also, for passion between you!

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If you avoid these six points, you can be sure that passion will be your love's loyal ally. And it won't leave your relationship until you lay a solid foundation for your couple.

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