If You Forgive. 4 Rules You Should Set For Your Man After His Infidelity

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March 15, 2019 16:50 By Fabiosa

Partner's cheating is tough. Not everyone can accept this terrible fact, hence they can break up straight away. But there are women who can turn a blind eye to the betrayal and give the person another chance. On the one hand, it is noble, on the other hand, it's risky as the person might do it again.

In order to avoid it, it's worth setting rules that he mustn't break under any circumstance!

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Rules for a cheating husband

If a man wants to be forgiven, establish a set of rules for him that must be followed.

1. He has to write the woman he cheated on you with

The man has to stop all the contacts with the woman he cheated. He ought to explain to her that it was a mistake and he is in a relationship he doesn't want to ruin. Also, he is obliged to ask her to never contact him again. He needs to block her on all social media. He can also temporarily terminate his Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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2. He has to agree for couple therapy sessions

It will be difficult for the couple to build trust again. Therefore, both partners will have to go for therapy and sort out their feelings.

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3. He has to show that he is really sorry

When you instantly forgive the man's affair, he realized that he is an important part of your life. He may think that he can cheat on your again and you will forgive him. Hence, the man has to show that he's truly sorry with his actions. He has to realize that his reputation is destroyed now and that what he did was low.

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4. Give him the opportunity to choose his path

Don't control the man going through his texts and emails. The attempts to squeeze into his personal space will only make the relationship worse. Give him the freedom, but make it clear what awaits him in case he decides to be unfaithful to you again.

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Give your relationship one more chance if you're ready for this. But don't forgive it if the man isn't even trying to make your relationship work!

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