5 Men’s Demands That Should Be Taboo In A Relationship

May 21, 2019 09:54

When two people tie the knot, some, especially younger spouses, often believe that they become one. This is only partly true, as such relationships can very quickly become toxic. Let’s not forget about the fact that both partners are still separate individuals with their rights and personal space.

Today, we’ll have a look at 5 desires a man should not impose on his wife

1. Ban on communicating with friends

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Marriage is not a reason to part ways with friends. The husband can’t become the only contact with the outside world, and if he makes you say goodbye to your friends, this is a serious reason to think: What is he afraid of? Why doesn’t he trust you? At what point did you lose your personality?

2. Ban on work

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It’s great if your husband wants to protect you from the stresses of employment and offers you to quit your job and dedicate yourself to the household. However, it’s alarming when he forbids you to work, even if you enjoy it. Again, he doesn’t trust you and wants to narrow down your personal space. Isn’t that indicative of a tyrant?

3. Ban on kids

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The question of children should preferably be discussed much earlier before there are rings on your fingers. Do you both want children? If so, how soon? If not, is there an agreement on this matter? If the husband suddenly changes his mind, it would be only fair if he respects your opinion and is willing to find a compromise.

4. Desire to change his wife’s appearance

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You met, dated for some time, and finally got married. So, your husband is satisfied with your appearance. When a man suddenly starts to express his dislike and wants to change something in your looks, we have bad news for you... Most likely, you are dealing with a tyrant or, if you will, an emotional abuser.

5. Desire to change his wife’s views and principles

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It’s not terrible if you and your husband have different views on life. What’s terrible is when he tries to change or suppress your views and morals, and impose his onto you. An emotionally healthy adult accepts the partner as is, or in the case of incompatibility, parts with them to look for a more suitable one. There is no other option.

Have you faced any restrictions in relationships? What did it lead to? Share your observations in the comments!

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