Eyes To Drown In: A Little Iranian Conquers The Internet With Her Doll-Like Beauty

May 15, 2019 12:23

All children without exception are beautiful and adorable, but some just seem to be angels in the flesh. Of course, the child’s appearance largely depends on the parents’ looks. Babies of biracial couples, for instance, often look just out of this world.

While some people prefer to keep their children away from the public eye, others proudly post their photos on social networks and we are thankful that they do.

Mahdis Mohammadi is a small Iranian girl who has already become famous far beyond its borders. The number of her followers as exceeded 185,000 as of May 2019, and she is not even 10! It is not known for sure how old the girl is (according to various sources, she could have been born around 2010-2012).

Every child is the best and most beautiful to the parents. But even the most ardent of them will probably agree that this girl is beyond competition.

Her mom runs her Instagram page for her. Although some of the photos seem to be professional (and, most likely, are), it’s very nice that in most of them she looks like an ordinary child: walking outside or playing at home.

Many children with modeling prospects look older than they are because they have a great responsibility: hours-long photo shoots, doing exactly as they are told while “looking natural,” etc.

Judging by the photos, Mahdis is a very open and artistic girl. Perhaps her angelic appearance wasn’t the only reason why many local companies chose to work with her.

When Mahdis grows up, she will probably become a supermodel, but for now, we can only wish her a happy and wonderful childhood.

By the way, she is not the only child from the Middle East to be called the most beautiful. Yazan bin Zayed Al-Qahtani is a charming and shy boy from Saudi Arabia, who was even invited to one of the local TV shows.

AlArabiya العربية / YouTube

It seems that he was not thrilled to communicate with the program’s hosts. But it didn’t prevent him from earning an army of admirers.

AlArabiya العربية / YouTube

AlArabiya العربية / YouTube

AlArabiya العربية / YouTube

Of course, children change as they grow up and their facial features become more pronounced. But we hope that these two will preserve that childlike charm throughout adulthood.