Gorgeous Mixed Couple And Their Twin Daughters Are Conquering Millions Of Hearts On Instagram

May 20, 2019

Globalization is not only about global economic and political integration. It is also about human relations, cultural exchange, and a broadening of horizons. One of the clear and beautiful outcomes is an increase in the number of mixed-race couples.

We can pride ourselves to live in a time when racial prejudice is falling into oblivion. Relationships between people who come from different backgrounds or parts of the world are no longer a surprise, and the only reason for heightened attention to such couples is their incredibly cute children.

One of these beautiful couples lives in Australia.

This is David and Brooke; they have 6-year-old twin daughters Isabella and Mia. At first, the young people captivated Instagram users with their sincere feelings. Then the admiration shifted to Brooke's baby bump.

And with the advent of the girls, their Instagram microblog is gaining huge momentum. As of now, they have 1 million followers!

Judging by the photos, the family leads an active and healthy lifestyle.

Mom loves taking care of herself and instills the same in her daughters.

The parents and children look happy and energetic. Despite the apparent fact that each has own passion, the family enjoys spending a lot of time together.

They even make time for their dog, who's looking just as cheerful.

We can safely assume that their life is not without some troubles. But no problem is too big when everyone has that positive attitude.

Did this beautiful family manage to cheer you up? We think that this is what happiness looks like. If you have similar examples, please share them with us.