Mom Posts True Photos Of Her Postpartum Body To Help Other Women Come To Love Themselves Too

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March 14, 2019 14:02 By Fabiosa

Those stretch marks on the legs and stomach after childbirth! So many mothers feel terrible each time they catch a glimpse of them in the mirror! At first, they are red and more noticeable, but gradually fade and merge with the skin color. However, they will never disappear completely, so all you can do is to love your new body.

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Sherie Heather from Austria is an avid advocate for this attitude of self-acceptance. In her microblog on Instagram, the mother of 3 posts her true photos with stretch marks and skin folds.

It is tough but more positive thoughts about my body = a happy healthy life.

She urges women not to be ashamed of their bodies because they did an amazing job. There was a baby inside that belly:

That little creation you created, created you. You were birthed when you birthed them, the amount of love you can give to your baby is showing you how much love you can give to yourself.

She asks women not to be afraid and to show the world their raw photographs, show the world how beautiful their bodies are after having accomplished the greatest mission on earth:

Too much stigma on what a woman should look like and do in today’s society so let's end that stigma once and for all.

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This mother’s honesty is captivating. In her microblog, she also talks about life, feeling unwell, tiredness, depression, sadness, panic attacks, and the like.

Yet, every time, Sherie finds the strength to fight a bad mood and stay on the positive side. She admits that the main source of her inspiration is her boys. So, the joy of bringing them into the world easily outweighs the changes that her body goes through because of childbirth.

Do you agree with Sherie that the world needs to see more photos of real women? Share your thoughts.

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